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On October 17, Beijing time, the last time we saw McIlroy, the PGA Tour’s 18 champions, that is, three weeks ago, he shot a discouraging 75 in the final round and won at the US Open. Tied for eighth place.10月17日,北京时间,这是我们最后一次见到美巡赛18位冠军麦克罗伊,也就是三周前,他在最后一轮打出令人沮丧的75杆,并在美国公开赛上获胜。

On October 17, Beijing time, the last time we saw McIlroy, the PGA Tour’s 18 champions, that is, three weeks ago, he shot a discouraging 75 in the final round and won at the US Open. Tied for eighth place.


   At the same time, Bryson DeChambeau hit the wing foot heavily, and a powerful kick-off helped him beat Matthew Wolfe by 6 strokes and achieved his first Grand Slam victory. Like everyone else, McIlroy couldn't believe it. "It's really hard for me to understand," he said.

同时,布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)重击了翅膀,强大的开球帮助他以6杆击败了马修·沃尔夫(Matthew Wolfe),并取得了他的首个大满贯胜利。像其他所有人一样,麦克罗伊也不敢相信。他说:“我真的很难理解。”

   Well, he has time to understand. This week, he will come to CJ Cup with extra firepower. After doing some speed training in the gym and changing the driver's light shaft, he posted a photo on Instagram showing his ball speed reached 190 mph and the flying distance was 340 yards.

好吧,他有时间去理解。本周,他将以额外的火力来到CJ杯。在健身房进行了一些速度训练并改变了驾驶员的光轴后,他在Instagram上发布了一张照片,显示他的球速达到190 mph,飞行距离为340码。

  Is he inspired by Bryson DeChambeau? Well, yes, but only a little bit.

他是否受到Bryson DeChambeau的启发?好,是的,但是只有一点点。

"Yes, for the past two weeks, I have been working on something," McIlroy said in Las Vegas. "I think as golfers, we are all entrenched in our efforts to hit the ball where we are looking. I think this is a great place for what Bryson did.

麦克罗伊在拉斯维加斯说:“是的,在过去的两个星期中,我一直在努力。” “我认为,作为高尔夫球手,我们都坚定不移地努力将球击向我们所期待的地方。我认为,这是布赖森所做的一个好地方。

"When Bryson was training speed, he just tried to put the ball into a net bag. He didn't know where the ball would go. He just moved as fast as possible... without paying attention to the target, and then trying to bring it. Come here. From what I have done and what I have tried to do, you know, I have been experimenting for the past two weeks. This is the fastest time I swing a club and the fastest time my body turns."

“当布赖森(Bryson)训练速度时,他只是试图将球放入一个网袋中。他不知道球会往哪里去。他只是尽可能快地移动...而不关注目标,然后尝试从我做过的事情和我尝试做的事情中,您已经知道,我过去两个星期一直在进行实验,这是我挥杆最快的时间,也是身体转动最快的时间。 ”

   He also added that distance is always an advantage, whether it is in the age of Nicklaus, or the age of Tiger Woods, or today. For most of his career, McIlroy has been at or near the top of his serve. Now he is trying to make one of his strengths his assets. However, he also pointed out that just because he is experimenting with extra speed does not mean that he will use it at all times.


   "At least I know that if there is a need, I can do it," he said.


   Justin Rose admitted that he is still trying to hit the ball straight, but he said he is also closely watching McIlroy and others who are trying to catch up to the new distance leader on the tour.

贾斯汀·罗斯(Justin Rose)承认他仍在努力将球直射,但他说,他还在密切关注麦克罗伊和其他试图追赶这位新的距离领队的人。

"I think I have seen the trickle-down effect created by Bryson," Justin Rose said. "You are seeing McIlroy and even Justin Thomas... I heard some rumors on the practice range... everyone They’re all trying their best to swing, trying hard for an hour and several miles.

贾斯汀·罗斯说:“我认为我已经看到了布赖森造成的the滴效应。” “您看到的是麦克罗伊,甚至还有贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)。我听到了有关练习范围的谣言……每个人都在尽力挥杆,努力奋战一个小时又走了几英里。

   If everything sounds a bit harsh, maybe because it feels like yesterday, 31-year-old McIlroy was still the front runner. The four Grand Slam champions are young enough to still be at their peak, or are entering their peak. He won the Players Championship last year and won the FedEx Cup championship for the second time, but he has not found his A status since the PGA Tour restarted in June. His most recent victory dates back to the World Championships-HSBC Championship in November last year.


   Now let’s talk about Bryson De Chambeau. Although his continuous innovation is very successful, it has also attracted criticism. McIlroy spent some time clarifying that he was not a critic.


"I want to say that what Bryson did is wise. I think my comment may be taken out of context," he said. "I said he took full advantage of everything in golf. I didn't say it was bad. What I mean is that everything we have now: technology, TrackMan, biomechanics, everything, what we have today, the knowledge we didn’t have 20 years ago, he used the N pole."

他说:“我想说的是布赖森的所作所为是明智的。我认为我的评论可能不合情理。” “我说他充分利用了高尔夫中的一切。我并没有说那很糟糕。我的意思是说我们现在拥有的一切:技术,TrackMan,生物力学,一切,今天拥有的东西,我们没有的知识有20年前,他用过N极。”

   McIlroy added that Bryson DeChambeau should be praised, because he is more willing to go down the rabbit hole and explore new areas than anyone.


   "He worked hard to do it, and the rewards were huge," McIlroy said.


   How does he, Justin Thomas, Justin Rose and others want to modify their own technology to seek similar quantitative changes? Time will decide, but it is very obvious that they have already begun to act.

他,贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas),贾斯汀·罗斯(Justin Rose)和其他人如何修改自己的技术以寻求类似的定量变化?时间将决定,但是很明显,他们已经开始采取行动。

"I think the current state of golf is," McIlroy said, "I received a good article last weekend, published in The Wall Street Journal, about every sport is becoming faster, farther and stronger. . I don’t think golf makes any difference. I’m just trying to keep up with the status quo.”





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